Fehu Gebo Pertho Thurisaz Dagaz Sowulo Kenaz Isa Eihwas Uruz Hagalaz Othila Ansuz Inguz Laguz Ehwas Jera Nauthiz Raidho Wunjo Teiwaz Mannaz Elhaz Berkana
Norse Helmet

According to legend a Norse warrior called Odin, seeking wisdom and understanding of life and death, fasted with neither food nor water hanging from Yggdrasil, the tree of knowledge, for nine days and nights. From this experience came the knowledge of the Runes. From that time on, aided by Viking travels, knowledge and understanding of the runes has spread throughout the world. Runes are an alphabet of symbols that represent energies and meanings and that also lend themselves to the use of intuition - reaching for further insight beyond the description of each stone's meaning. Runes stones can be used to help us understand ourselves and the surrounding world better by allowing us to ask questions and then casting the runes stones for answers.

Within this web site you will find rune casting fortune telling via a variety of rune spreads and information on the meaning of runes. All of these are free to use !

For each of the choices of Rune Readings you have the option of letting the website cast the Runes, or you can cast your own Runes and let the website interpret the Runes that you have cast.

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Choices of Rune Readings.

We offer four types of free readings, two simple Yes/No readings and two further readings that offer a more comprehensive response.

  • Single rune casting for a more detailed interpretation for your question on a choice of categories.
  • Three rune spread casting for more detailed interpretation for your question on a choice of categories, showing past events, the current situation, and a possible future.

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Write in Runes

Enter your text and have it converted into the nearest equivalent Runes.

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Create your own Runic Symbol

Create your own Runic Symbol by combining up to 5 Runes.

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Personalise your Rune Readings.

Black stones Wood slices Glass discs
Black stones Wood slices Glass discs

We offer a choice of rune sets for you to use. Please click on one to select a set. Your choice of runes will be remembered so the next time that you return you will see your selection in use.

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Rune Information

For information about each rune - click on the rune pictures of the page for details on the rune meaning and its equivalent English letter and number.

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Which way up?

Fehu Fehu inverted The runes can be seen of each page. As with the standard English alphabet most of the runes can only be viewed correctly one way up. Thus when cast inverted, they offer a different meaning to their normal orientation.

Gebo Gebo inverted Other runes, such as Gebo shown to the left, look the same when viewed upright or inverted.

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Nauthiz Ehwas Isa Berkana Pertho Kenaz Inguz Hagalaz Eihwas Wunjo Sowulo Jera Laguz Raidho Uruz Elhaz Fehu Thurisaz Mannaz Othila Ansuz Teiwaz Dagaz Gebo